Small Beginnings


Dialatee (patent pending), are comfortable sweatshirts with hidden zipper openings for easy access to port, fistula, and graft without the need of undressing into a hospital gown. Dialatee sweatshirts are lined with flannel on the inside and lined with fleece on the outside. Dialatee allows for a better quality of life for people receiving dialysis and for the people who care for them. Patients are warm and comfortable in treatment while wearing the Dialatee sweatshirt without the discomfort of having to change their clothes.


Principal Designer


Sharon Solomon has been sewing since she was 8 years of age and for as long as she can remember she has had a huge passion for designing and creating trendy fashions. After her husband suffered his seventh stroke, he had to be placed on Dialysis. During treatment, she noticed a need for ready to go wear that would accommodate a port and a fistula. That's when she decided to create a pullover sweatshirt, ready to go wear for patients and can be worn anywhere. She called it Dialatee.